2 Important Things You Need To Know | Blogging for Beginners

There are many things which made me attracted towards “Blogging”. Blogging is the best FREE way to make an audience and share the thoughts with the whole world, except those Social Networks like facebook, twitter, Google+,etc., The major things which I think to be the most catchy factors to be a “Blogger”, are:

1.       Fame,
2.       Fast audience gathering,
3.       Identity,
4.       Make people know you,
5.       Promotion of own-made things, and,
6.       Fun.
You might have many other aspects too, but these things are those, which made me become a “Blogger”.


If you’re starting a blog, then the first thing that you will have to choose is the “Topic”, on which you are going to write/start Blogging. I had three ideas in mind, when I was about to start Blogging, they are:
1.       Technology,
2.       Sciences, and,
3.       Everything.
I chose the third option (Everything), because I really don’t know a lot about Technology and Sciences, as I chose this option I had a large range of things to write upon, they may vary from Household things, the Internet, or I could write something about myself.


The next step that I took towards my blog is the selection of the title of the blog, this is one of the most difficult jobs to do, because many blog-viewers just reject watching the blog by just seeing the title, and the logo, I’m not an exception, I always don’t like observing blogs which really don’t have a nice “TITLE” or “LOGO”.
The “TITLE” of the blog depends totally on the topic of the blog. I chose the topic “Everything”, so I had a quite large space to choose the “TITLE”. I actually merged facemash’s “mash” and Youtube’s “You” and formed “YouMash”. People are quite familiar with these names, so they mightn’t feel any spirit of “rejection” about the blog.
It’s been nearly 4 months since I started blogging and has got a lot of happiness doing this, all I’m doing is pushing the keys in the keyboard or pushing the left or right mouse button. That’s all that I’ve to do for a blog.

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