Saikat Ghosh - Founder, Youmash | From Baharagora, India

(2018) Saikat Ghosh (from Baharagora, Jharkhand, India) at IIT Kharagpur, for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2018. #GES2K18 #GES2018 GES IITKGP

I am Saikat, and I love creating content! This blog started just as a hobby back in mid-2015 and from then, the blog has been viewed over 100,000 times on the internet, been recognized by various blogs around the world (artfulclub, lindalockman - to name a few) and received the 2016 Leibster Award too, for the fastest growing blog in technology.  

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(2018) Saikat Ghosh - in Kolkata.

Am I down for Internships or Jobs?

NO, am not down for internships at the moment, and am for sure expecting to contribute with my efforts to volunteer for a good cause in any not-for-profit organization or institution.

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