Here is How You Can Make Money on the Internet by Blogging

Ever thought How you can easily make money Online? In today’s article, I will give you tips on making money online with just small tricks and little obstacles to cross!
I often asked, and most of us often too, as a child, what’s your dream job?
I always reply “to become a pilot”, and then a lot of things stood on the way and I just become an engineer, it’s not a problem though, I’ll get my pilot license someday, even if it’s not a commercial pilot.
But what I realize recently from my wish as a childhood that is, everyone, or at least me, just wanted to be free. I see when you become a pilot, you’re free, as the sky’s the only limit, just like a bird, you only tied to the space.
What’s the relationship to the post anyway? Well I never quit to become as free as I can be, free from the corporate rules and all. After all, we already been in the strict school rules for 12 years ( or at least in my country ), why should we repeat the routine into worse 9 to 5 cubicle work? Even if you work for Google, I’d rather to become a small business owner than a big employee.

Back again, here’s my plan to get my internet income running :

Set up a steady online office work for gaining your capital

For this one, I start with selling on eBay, freelance job on oDesk and Fiverr. You can always find the trick to easily get a capital money to start your online journey with it. I also recommend Kindle Publisher Program to get your very first check online. More on those I’ll be referencing to different posts.

Do a lot of Research

Get into your brain on how internet marketing work, learn to see what values you can give and how to get cheap labor/resources to resell it again and make you some profit, build your reputation and start to gain your community online.

Implement what you have Learned from Mistakes

Yes you’re often be told of this, but it’s also the most crucial steps that differentiate a winner from a loser, a theoretical guy from the experienced guy. You’ll make mistake for sure, but don’t let that stop you from achieving.
I know it’s like the global master-plan and just like the other motivational post, I promise will get into the detail later about what I’m actually talking about in the next few posts. So stay tuned.

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