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5 Extraordinarily Important Things that Every Newbie in Blogging Must Know

5 Extraordinarily Important Things that Every Newbie in Blogging Must Know
Hello Friends! I’m Saikat and today I am going to make you understand all the mistakes that you are doing in Blogging (as a newbie) and teach you how to overcome those mistakes and try to provide yourself much more maturity in blogging, then you have now. So, let’s get started!
As a newbie in Blogging, you will always be thinking to make your blog grow like wildfire, but this is not that easy as you think, there are many steps that you should follow to reach the top of the blogging-staircase, the first thing that you should know and follow are written-out in the next few stanzas, make sure that you read this article out to the end to take the right way in climbing to the top of the staircase!

Don’t Copy

Most of the newbies in blogging are students (including me), who are under the age of 18 and don’t have much time to write long articles, so they try to copy content from other blogs, but, the problem is that ‘there are many problems related’.
First, you may be accused of Plagiarism (copying content and telling them as your own).
Second, you will probably lose the trust from many readers, mostly from those who visit similar blogs frequently, and may see the same content again, and again.
Third, you will lose your position in search engines (SERP).

Don’t Publish News

One of the first mistakes made by bloggers in the ‘tech’ niche is that, they try to post articles like “Windows 10 Released“, but the problem is, you cannot get it viral, because there are thousands of blogs, which will do the same thing, including the large tech-blogs that will gather the 1st page of Google search results, leaving you with merely nothing from organic search traffic.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

Just writing a nice article doesn’t end all your work, you may write a post that is probably the best in the business and has the capability to gain insane traffic, but end up with about 1/10th of the actual traffic that the post can generate.
So, for getting the actual traffic (maybe more) that the post deserves, you should make use of the accounts that you have been wasting on liking things or tweeting about something which is of no use to you, literally, sharing your post. You can use social-networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc., to make your post reach out to people who are interested in what you’ve written.

Don’t Get Paid-Traffic

One very disgusting thing that a new blogger does is that he/she pays for generating in-organic traffic from websites which may leave your blog somewhere in the last pages of the Google/Bing search-results.  
Search engines hate Paid-Traffic!

Don’t Monetize Your Blog Too Early

Maybe you are thinking to generate revenue from your blog, but might not have the required amount of trust from your followers, so you shouldn’t annoy your first-time viewers with pop-ups of Blah!Blah!Blah!
First of all, grow to a decent amount of followers and then think about monetizing your blog, but you can yet use affiliateprograms like the Amazon Associates Program.

And Above All

Understand your followers and If you are Blogging to earn Money, Quit Blogging NOW!

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Did I miss something? Share it in the comments section below… And don’t forget to check out the other posts of #YouMashBlog..


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