How to start your first Python Program
Python is a high level, object oriented programming language. This course uses versions of Python 3.3. The learning curve for python is not steep, its pretty simple but at the same time, very powerful. Its heavily used in Scientific research. This course is for amateurs who are taking their first shot at programming, and also for someone who already has some programming experience in some other languages and wants to learn something new!

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Download Python here.

First Program:

Follow these steps to start your first Python Code:
  1. Open Python,
  2. Go to the File Menu,
  3. Click on the New File Option,
  4. This will open a dialog where you can start writing your first python document,
  5. Write your code in the work-space,
  6. Type the file name with .py extension and then Save it.
  7. To test the output, go to Run, then click Run Module.
  8. You can now see and test the output.
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