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Have you been using ad-platforms or more specifically, monetization websites like AdSense or Infolinks to monetize content on your website? And you can’t see nothing out of it, or you are already getting some amount of income from AdSense and want some extra source of income, then you should for sure check out the method portrayed in the following paragraphs to earn extra money from your blog.

The Method

There’s always been a lot of ways to earn money from your website or blog, but I believe one of the most prominent ways to earn money from your blog or website is by shortening links to external websites or articles. You can not only use it for your website, but for any kind of links that you share online, mostly on Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

How to do it?

To earn money from shortened links, you will need to select from a set of link shortening services, I personally love SHORTE.ST, which has a ton of tools to get you some great passive income. If you don’t want to use shorte.st, you can check a full list of link-shortening services out here – Top URL Shortener Sites You Should Use For Shrinking Long URL’s

Steps to Follow

  1. Go to shorte.st(This is a referral link) and Sign-Up by filling up the necessary details, 
  2. Copy and Paste a Link(which you want to shorten) on the Text Box(Input Box) and click on ‘Shorten’,
  3. Copy the Shortened Link and replace the original link
  4. You’re all good, keep shortening, keep earning!

That’s a Wrap

That was all for today’s short tutorial, now, all you need to do is not to ‘overdo‘ it, as shortening each and every link will start to keep your visitors getting more and more frustrated, so make sure that you only shorten links to external sites, and not to links to your own articles or pages.

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