This is How You Can Block Ads on Google Chrome

Fustrated by the Advertisements around the Web. Let’s learn how We can block all these ads from around the Web(in Google Chrome). So, what are you waiting for? Jump In …

For this tutorial, we will take the help of extensions. The two extensions are Popper Blocker to block all sorts of popups from any website. The other extension is Ad Block which will block other ads such as video ads or ads in sidebar. If you even go to YouTube there are ads.The ads are pretty fair as other people want to earn from there content by Ads. But sometimes these ads can be annoying that is purpose of this video to block all sorts of ads.


AdBlock [ DOWNLOAD ]
Popper Blocker: [ DOWNLOAD ]

Well i hope this video has helped you guys to remove ads. Thank you guys so much for watching. Its yo boy Abdullah signing off and ill catch you guys real soon. PEACE!!!

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