How Humans are Still Not Robots – Read How AI/Machine Learning is still far from Controlling Our Lives

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Actually, we believe that our evolution has happened from the APES, 6 million years ago from the research done by science. The first stage of human evolution was homo sapiens. So then started the evolution of a complete human. He then started making food for him by hunting and later the agriculture, which had been the biggest revolution in the history of humans. 

From then to till the date, he started making the Earth a comfortable place from himself to live on. Scientific growth allowed him to make some creations, which turned out to be very advanced technology. And that advanced technology led to the creation of the Robots. Robot- the machine which is programmed by computer, that can carry out a series of complex actions. 
How Humans are Still Not Robots - Read How AI/Machine Learning is still far from Controlling Our Lives
How Humans are Still Not Robots – Read How AI/Machine Learning is still far from Controlling Our Lives

This is what we find in the meaning of a robot in the books. These robots are used in different fields and occupations, which are replaced in place of humans. This actually makes the work more effective and gets the output as quickly as possible. Actually, these bots don’t have any feelings and can’t react according to the situations. They just follow the commands of instructions provided by the computer. They don’t know about the emotions, which the humans and animals express. 
They may be more skilful than humans, but not creative like humans. And these bots even made it to the internet. The internet bot is a software application, programmed to make certain tasks. These bots are used on platforms of gaming applications, in social media, which imitate human behaviour, in the support sections of many other websites and online applications. We find some unknown people replying to our blogs, posts and activities, which is actually done by these web bots. 

But these bots can’t respond or respect the situations accordingly, which is out of the programme. They don’t care about the feelings of the people and don’t have a thought of what they are actually doing. This is what is happening or going in our society nowadays. We are not reacting or responding to the situations accordingly. We just laugh if the people around us are laughing, we abuse someone for behaviour together with a major number of people, who are against his actions or comment on someone’s lifestyle, we treat people with inequality, discriminate people based on their background or character and a lot more actions are done just as like as a bot by humans. 
But we are capable of thinking and analysing the situations, we can respond and react to the things with complete knowledge of them, support or abuse someone by actually observing both sides of the situation. If we are capable of making changes in our creations by instructing the bots with different programs then, why can’t we make corrections or changes for not abusing the people without their mistake? When you go through an online transaction or any signup web page, you find that they ask us to prove ourselves that we aren’t any bots. 
So we are in much worse conditions, that we should prove ourselves that we are not any bots without feelings. When you play some game on your mobile, you come across some bots who weren’t helping you to escape the attack of the enemy and keep abusing those bots and their family members and those bots don’t react to your words because that bot doesn’t understand what’s actually going and doesn’t have an idea that you’re abusing its family. 
You make that as a habit and keep abusing the family members of your friends and other people. Why don’t you make yourself realise that we should not abuse the other people and their family members, they feel great internal pain and a value for emotions? People may be idiotic with their behaviour, but you learnt something from your parents to not to hurt such feelings and emotions of the people. 
There are some bots which help you to feel satisfied in your bed. It doesn’t mean that you can abuse or misbehave with the people around you or treat them as the bots which are there to help you out in the bed. Think before doing such things with women who are similar to your mother, sister or any women of family relations. 
Do you actually accept or agree if anyone of the relations of those women misbehave with your sister or mother? Just think that you’re humans. If you’re hurting or killing someone, you’re actually doing that to a human but not to any bot. Those bots don’t have the capability to think and react to the situations with the appropriate mind-set. But we humans are capable of thinking, responding and reacting to the situations accordingly. 

If we are the same as bots, why would God have given us the ability of thinking? Just think of it once before hurting someone. Think of your family members before hurting someone’s family, think about the women of your family before misbehaving or abusing or causing harm to the other women around you. Those bots can’t show the feelings of love and affection towards others. 
But we are not like them,we are humans. We can show the feelings of love and affection to others. We can care and give respect for the feelings of the people around us. We have great quality, that the bots doesn’t, that is HUMANITY. We all being humans, have that special quality of HUMANITY in ourselves. So bring that humanity out, care for the feelings of the people. 
It is a great quality,which is god gifted to our humans that we will change the world a place of love and affection. And the other God gifted ability to our humans is the ability to think what I already said and which we all know, that makes us different from the bots and other living kinds. Have the capability to think, increase your Humanity and prove that Humans are not Robots.

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