Easing the COVID-19 hassle for healthcare services – Bangalore based startup DocQ.Life

Bangalore based queue(Line) management startup docq.life brings an active effort of making patient wait-less and clinic procedures easier for doctor’s clinics.

Since, Coronavirus has started tempting people, on the other hand, the government has started taking all the preventive precautions to deal with it. All the major countries are in serious lock-down. In these quarantine days, these founders found that one place has been left out from the lockdown, i.e Clinics, where on a daily basis ~100 millions of people gather all across the clinic & hospitals in India.

Co-founders Wasim(20), Ayush(18), and Azhar(20) (Left – Right) 

Three guys hailing from Kolkata named Wasim(20) Ayush(18) Azhar(20) started with docq.life in Bangalore to help clinics in maintaining the distance in this pandemic situation and safe patient’s pain efficiently.

Based out of Bangalore, through docq.app clinics can manage their doctor’s time slots and record patient appointment digitally. The app will automatically send alert/notifications/SMS to patients for their queue (line) no, even clinics can call/alert the patient directly from the app. By this way, it will help in maintaining social distance.

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The process is very simple clinics can create their accounts, post they can even add doctors (by their time slots, days of availability) After that clinic person can easily add or schedule patient’s appointment on respective doctors at the application.

DocQ added 25+ clinics till now and aim to add more 500+ clinics in the coming months.

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