The Digital Well – A Tiny Library made for remote regions in Jharkhand | Architecture

Tiny Library ‘The Digital Well’ – A competitive student project for Volume Zero Tiny Library Competition by Saikat Ghosh, Kunwar Vikram Singh and Ashish Shankhdhar of School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada.

Inspired from a bi-scope, the Digital Well tries to fetch the user’s curiosity as a magnet into the underground library. A circular ramp acts as both an entrance into the inner library and itself as a social space for reading and self-learning. Digital screens on all sides promote an immersive learning experience, whereas the underground orientation provides isolation from the surrounding, helping in the user’s concentration.

The elevated protrusion of the Digital Well is a memorial to tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda – making it an inviting and important community space for local people.
The basic functional structure of the library is beneath the ground and constructed using adobe, which is an inspiration from local pottery techniques, this promotes the engagement of locals and bridges social connection to the build-form.
Introducing an easy and readily done technology, the adobe – freshly molded according to the designed structure, is burnt in-situ. Thus, the site, while being under construction, at an intermediate stage is an active furnace for some time. After it’s turned into a mono-adobe structure, further fabrication is carried out, along with the introduction of essential library requisites, viz. racks and shelves for books, seating, and tables, etc.


DESIGNED BY: Kunwar Vikram Singh, Saikat Ghosh and Ashish Shankhdhar (Students)
COLLEGE: School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada
STATUS: Unbuilt

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