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Beyond darkness there lies a world full of stars. Be positive and you'll find things turning by your side.

Every morning when daylight breaks, I experience my dormant feet at the brink to a completely enthusiastic ones. Every morning they fasten to notch up my dreams. But what if all this enthusiasm, all this zeal drowns in this ocean of murky politics? For politics, is the words of discouragement thrown on us, the words which can bury anyone's talent in a nick of time.

We pave our own ways to achieve the feat. But not everyone does the same, some sit on the pavement with heads bowed down and lost in deep worry for their destiny. In all these, they forget to act, act just not to achieve but to respond the responsibilities assigned. 

They give up when they fail and sink themselves in depression and darkness.

Simply a lame, irresponsible and absurd step can hinder the ways to our goal and eventually we end up as failures. While chasing your dreams just turn yourself deaf and you will find all the tongues wagging about your glory. We should always lean on our positives rather than chirping about our negatives all day around, which will ultimately lead us to the peak.
HEADING TOWARDS THE PEAK. HEADING TOWARDS THE PEAK. Reviewed by Sameep Das on 22:25:00 Rating: 5

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