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I salute my sisters and brothers of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh for their courage and resilience. For years, vested interest groups who believed in emotional blackmail never cared for people's empowerment. J&K is now free from their shackles. A new dawn, better tomorrow awaits. - P.M MODI TWEETS 
It says that articles 35a and 370 had seized the development of J&K
As the article-370 is now scrapped from the constitution, it has left all the political thinkers mutter all day and night. Now a days, from TVs to tea stalls, the article 370 has become the matter of debate. The matter is seen with different perspectives by each political thinker which has resulted in verbal conflicts between the political leaders. However, as the new law has now been executed, so everyone should follow it and primarily everyone should conclude that is the decision right?

So, firstly what this article-370 is? Article-370 is actually a treaty between the-then princely state, Kashmir and India. During the division in 1947, Kashmir restricted, not to integrate with India and rather be an independent state; however Pt. J.L. Nehru requested the king Hari Singh to integrate with India and he buttered him by promising some special rights to be given to Jammu-Kashmir and these all promises were included in the Indian Constitution, eventually forming the infamous Article-370. This decision integrated Kashmir with India.

But if we see the provisions of article 370 we can conclude that it has done nothing more than halting its development. As per article 370 no other Indian,except the natives of the state, can reside permanently there. Added to this was that no other Indian can tie up in a matrimonial relation with J&K residents. Apart from it the state was not abided by the Indian Constitution and the state could have its own flag. 

These all laws disintegrated J&K from India and thus the arch-rivals; Pakistan raised this matter in every international forum. Added to it, the development of J&K was also very concentrated. No other companies or multi-national setups could be inaugurated there, this severely caused unemployment resulting hundreds of youth joining the terrorism.

But now the dormancy of the head of India can be healed. We all hope for a better dawn there, when no child would join terrorism and no one would lose life. And now we would see all under one flag celebrating the independence day, commemorating the freedom fighters with more zeal and more heartily. 

As the old and dreadful Kashmir dusked, we wait for a new enthralling Kashmir.

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