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Instagram Stories: A new feature for schools

Instagram is unsurprisingly trying to make its platform more attractive for students to hang out on. Instagram is working on a Stories feature for schools.

As spotted by computer science student Jane Manchun Wong and reported by TechCrunch, the photo and video sharing app is looking into school Stories.
The feature will seemingly allow users from a certain school to contribute to and view a communal Story. To alleviate any potential bullying, the Stories will be moderated by a human, which would be quite a bit of work if the feature was to be rolled out.
"School Stories are manually reviewed to make sure the community is safe," reads the text in the app's code.
Of course, there's no guarantee that the feature will ever see the light of day. Mashable has contacted Instagram for comment.
Last month, the company revealed tests of its "school communities" feature, which acts like a directory to search for other users who went to the same university as you.
Whatever Instagram manages to release, you can bet that the Facebook-owned platform is doing all it can to pull younger users away from Snapchat.
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