Limited edition Fossil watch - Dial changes color according to your mood

School days were the best. Cassette tapes were gold and taking ‘Selfies’ from reel-based 35mm cameras was my idea of living dangerously.
Which is precisely why The Mood watch from Fossil gives me goosebumps.
But hey, it’s got another neat trick up its sleeve. To start with The Mood watch is Exactly the kind of vintage you would want for your wrist. Priceless yet elegant. What the mood watch offers is a classic color-changing dial with a perfect amber leather strap to go with.

Color my mood

Being the 90s kids we all remember our obsession with the mood rings. An easy way to tell what mood were we in. The Mood watch kind of mimics that and each color change is matched with a mood on the back of the dial. Black stands for anxious and excitable, Amber for nervous and tense and so-on.

Don’t ask me about the accuracy of this mood tech, but hey, there’s no saying you can’t have a bit of this feature. It could, you know, be a conversation starter when you meet your friends over the weekend.


The watch reacts to changes in your heart rate and changes colors on the dial instead of relying on body heat.

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