IGTV: All you need to know about the new platform from Instagram

Have you heard about Instagram’s new app, IGTV? Well, I am sure you have. But, would you like to learn all about its launch, how it works and how to build your presence on it?

I don’t doubt that you do.

Instagram was launched in 2010, but the video feature wasn’t introduced until 2013. At first, you could only upload clips that were up to 15 seconds long. The duration was then raised to 60 seconds. But now Instagram has launched a new app called IGTV where you can upload videos that are up to an hour long.

IGTV will help Instagram compete better with social networks like Facebook and YouTube. Statistically, 45% of people spend more than an hour watching videos each week on both these networks.

If you are serious about promoting your business or blog with video, IGTV should be a big part of your strategy.

There’s so much you can do with this new network. Hence, here's a complete guide that will help you get started with IGTV. It will show you how to navigate it and how you can use it to successfully to build a presence.


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